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Wavespot Terms and Conditions Agreement

The Wavespot team is pleased that you have selected our service and we look forward to working together to help you meet the Wi-Fi needs of your patrons as well as improve your marketing effectiveness. This agreement describes our working arrangement.

You, the “Wi-Fi Provider”, agree to:
  1. Pay for the selected service by valid credit card one month in advance.
  2. Provide an internet broadband connection from the service provider of your choice to which you connect the Wavespot access point.
  3. Keep the access point active during your business hours through the life of this agreement and use it only for the lawful purposes of enabling patrons to have access to Wi-Fi services at the Wi-Fi Provider’s location in exchange for the “like” of the Wi-Fi Provider’s Facebook fan page.

Wavespot agrees to:

  1. Provide the Wi-Fi Provider Wi-Fi access point in working order and the Facebook authentication and “Like” service in return for Patrons getting access to free Wi-Fi.
  2. Wavespot will make every effort to provide continuous service, but is not liable for any disruptions.
  3. Provide technical and marketing assistance to the Wi-Fi Provider during regular business hours to help make the service as successful as possible for all parties.
  4. Protect the confidentiality of the Wi-Fi Provider’s and Patrons’ information.

Both the Wi-Fi Provider and Wavespot may terminate this agreement at any time for any reason.
Monthly cost: $0 Hardware cost: $199 Shipping cost: $10 Discount: $0 Quantity: Total: $66